Values & Benefits

Linda Herman Consulting facilitates every client’s project with a keen awareness of their specific needs, strengths and challenges. When we manage the people, information and details of a project, our clients have the peace of mind that their interests are being represented and protected.


Organizations & Communities

With many differing needs and interests to be coalesced into a common goal, we facilitate a process in which all the voices can be expressed, heard and acknowledged. We maintain a disciplined methodology, balancing the larger vision with the broader community and culture in mind.


You have a business to run—marketing, financial management and finding the next deal. Our team handles the day-to-day details of your project, managing your team with a focus on schedule and budget. You are freed up to attend to your business and realize your vision.

Architects, Designers, Contractors, Consultants

“With us on your team, you will be able to focus on your expertise; we are your single point of contact. Our process will streamline communications, coordinate efforts, and deliver complete information so that you can be more effective in delivering the results expected by our clients.”


We understand the unique needs of non-profits: resource challenges of money, time and staff, demands of Boards, and the need for meaningful engagement by multiple stakeholders. This knowledge, coupled with our expertise, provides a process for wise decision-making, maximizing resources and knowledgeable engagement by the client.


Our firm is your insurance policy. We not only manage the team, but also help you to navigate the myriad decisions and overwhelming detail inherent in a construction project. Our attention to budget, schedule, people and information management will protect your assets and interests.

“Linda has been very effective in advocating for us, making sure that we understood what we were getting. She has been a straight-ahead, no nonsense colleague, and her contributions have been forward-looking and on target. She has brought significant value to the project, and made our participation as owners much more meaningful and effective.”

Mark Gunther

Congregation Beth Sholom