The Team

The Linda Herman Consulting team is comprised of adept professionals, dedicated to successful project facilitation.

Associated Professionals

In addition, Linda is the hub of a network of dynamic, Principal-level design and construction professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. This group of independent individuals enables each to offer clients access to a collective knowledge base of the most current best practices, often collaborating to expand the services and expertise available.

Membership in this association is organic, currently including:

“Linda has the technical expertise, the aesthetic sense and the interpersonal skills to foster a tremendous sense of security in us, in the knowledge that someone was standing up for our needs and concerns. She helped us understand what we truly wanted and needed. Equally facile in dealing with committees as well as individual personalities, she has facilitated decision-making and good process in the most trying of circumstances.”

Sandy Goldstein

Previous Board President, Congregation Beth Sholom