San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market, San Francisco, CA

Project type: New construction and Renovation/Public-Private
Project budget: $116M
Project size: 450,000 sq. ft.
Client: CCSF Market Corporation Board of Directors

LHC was involved for three years with the San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market (SFWPM), a 450,000 sq. ft. renovation project to be accomplished in three phases over 10 years. Occupying facilities developed in 1963 on CCSF property, the SFWPM was looking to its future. The goal was to develop a new facility that would satisfy the needs of its current merchant base and meet future needs for food safety standards as well as increased demands for space on the Market.

Working closely with multiple city departments, a broad team of consultants, the merchants and the Market Corporation Board of Directors, LHC facilitated the very extensive feasibility study required to determine what could be built, what it would cost, and how long it would take. With so many differing interests around the table, our greatest challenge and success was to build consensus for what was the best solution.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and manage project team to develop Feasibility Analysis, including Statement of Probable Costs, Project Pro Forma (multiple scenarios), and Phased Construction Schedule
  • Facilitate and coordinate multiple city agencies with the CCSF Board of Directors and merchant association groups to develop new lease agreements
  • Develop and manage project budget and schedule
  • Coordinate consultant RFP process, selection and contract negotiations
  • Prepare for and attend Board meetings
  • Provide monthly updates for the CCSF Market Board, CCSF Department of Real Estate, Merchant Association, City Attorney