Our Process

Trust, clear and direct communication, and early team-building are key components of our firm’s approach. This results in knowledge-based decision-making, maximized efficiencies in all project phases, and a more meaningful level of participation and investment by all stakeholders.

What we do

  • Owner representation: We are your trusted advisor, representing your concerns and goals. We are “you” at the team table.
  • Direct team consultants: We provide leadership and direction to the team on your behalf as it serves the project and process.
  • Assist the client and team members: We facilitate the communication of information, coordinate meetings, assume responsibilities on behalf of the owner, and generally provide support whenever and however needed to “get things done!”

“Linda facilitated our process with great flexibility and clear direction, keeping a constant eye on the bigger picture and making sure that the team was moving forward in an effective and efficient manner. Her effortless management gave great confidence to the team and helped ensure that everyone on the project was coordinated, engaged and informed. Her integrity and professionalism have made her an asset to our team.”

Michael Janis

General Manager, San Francisco Wholesale Produce Market