About Us

Our firm brings deep professional expertise to the stewardship of design and construction projects with multiple stakeholders. We are differentiated by our aptitude for establishing and leading a meaningful process in which the whole project team can thrive.

Our work is united by a core of guiding principles:

Projects need an advocate.

Having a neutral party advocating your vision on the team, whose only agenda is the overall well-being of the project, is critical. As project facilitator, our sole charge is to make sure the best interests of the project and our client are being served.

Every team needs an experienced leader.

Your team will function more efficiently, effectively, cooperatively and
 decisively with a leader who supports their efforts. By creating an
 environment that promotes mutual respect and trust we inspire motivation and productivity from everyone on the team.

Process thrives on collaboration.

Working together constructively allows for honest dialogue and the highest levels of integrity, both of which are essential to a successful
 team effort in which surprises, misunderstandings and issues—and the associated time and cost implications—are minimized.

This should be, dare we say it, fun.

It is our credo that the design and construction experience should be rewarding, satisfying and enjoyable, as we work together to accomplish your vision.

“Linda was instrumental in the success of our project… With her guidance and organization of all the issues, we were able to make well-informed decisions, resulting in the great facility we now have… As COO, I was particularly grateful for her adept and meticulous management of our budget. Not only did she know where all the costs were at any given time, but she made sure we got best value for our dollars, bringing the project in under budget. She was my lifesaver.”

Jean Larson

COO , The Redwood Empire Food Bank